About Me

"Photography is the Story I fail to put into words"

— Dustin Sparks


I use photography as a visual diary to document the world around me. I dedicate my time to explore and capture those unique places, people and fleeting moments that others omit. This exploration of the overlook helps me to get involve more deeply with where I am in space and time. 

I follow my intuition to choose my subjects, trying to visualize what I want to capture before my hands do. I like to photograph places and people in their natural environment because I want to preserve that distinctive moment in time. My goal is to create images to engage spectators into the present and make them notice different perspectives of the contemporary. 

I am inspired by the wish to travel and it is stimulated by an impulsive desire to know and understand more about the stories that develop around me. Photography helps me to save all experiences and moments that have come to my life. 


Fernando B. Kossik was born in Caracas, Venezuela and is currently established in New York City. His passion for exploring and knowing the world led him to travel to Australia in 2015, where he lived for a year. Using photography as a medium to document his journey, he falls in love with this art and started self-teaching and takes it as his main hobby.

In July 2016, an opportunity to deepen his studies takes him to New York. He sees this as a great option to continue his journey and keep using photography to capture and save those unique places, people and experiences. 

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Are you interesting in my work? Have an upcoming project? or any good  idea? I'd love to collaborate with you! 

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